July 28, 2014, 10:38:01 PM
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xx TLKr.Crysis. | 18 Jun 14
10:06:00 by Honkey | Views: 424 | Comments: 15

Please give a warm welcome to our new recruit!

xx TLKr.Kunal | 08 Jun 14
11:37:54 by Honkey | Views: 499 | Comments: 13

Welcome back to the United Legion of Killers.


xx Fake ULKs are fake and desperate. | 28 Feb 14
10:48:31 by ulkaki | Views: 3537 | Comments: 6

I was wondering why I couldn't join GTANet the other day.

So I checked the whois of some of our lovely fake-ULK friends and look what I found. From DDOS'ing us, to impersonating us in servers, to creating fake logs, and back to impersonating us but on IRC!! (See below)


Way to go guys, real mature. Although... I really can't say I'm surprised.

xx Fake logs? Absolutely ridiculous. | 06 Jan 14
00:14:30 by ulkaki | Views: 4647 | Comments: 21


Right after these fake ULKs had 4 of their most active members (Ethan, Lucifeer, Sfitz, and Hazbeel) permanently banned from XE for hacking, distributing hacks, etc., their best way to retaliate is to write up some fake logs between me and Zircon?

[13:32] <Z> also, Izaki releasing the F1 hack is a huge problem in itself

Trying to shift the blame to Izaki is NOT going to save your members. If anything, Izaki played a pivotal role in helping XE Staff learn more about the hack.

And lol this?

[13:31] <^aki> now we lucky to have 10 people on XE lol

and this?

[13:51] <Z> I'm just saying that you made a lot of people hate you by lying about ULK
[13:51] <Z> you also almost killed XE by forcing Izaki's hand and spreading the F1 hack around

I'm just going to put it out as clearly as possible. I understand that you guys are desperate, but please stop embarrassing yourselves.

And finally,

Session Start: Fri Jan 03 13:29:30 2014

Are you sure you don't want to edit this?

You know I can easily check with an IRCop and prove that we never even pm'ed each other right?

xx New TLKr: Bruce | 02 Oct 13
18:26:41 by Sephiroth | Views: 4898 | Comments: 19

Welcome TLKr.Bruce to ULK

Hopefully you turn out to be a reformed player, we're giving you  a huge chance here, so don't blow it! Cheesy


* Welcome!

United Legion of Killers

ULK was forged in early December, 2003, a time when we were small, yet flourishing ever since. With its core members consisting of former VCP, undoubtedly the best gang around at that time, ULK has grown to something much more. With honest and skillful players, excellent communication among the members, and an overall good relation with other gangs, ULK creates a special unity for its members that no other gang out there has to offer.

Currently, we are recruiting and training new members, TLK is open mostly to anyone, but remember that only english speaking, well-mannered players will be invited to join ULK.

If you are interested in joining, apply here.

A Brief History
Having started in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City multiplayer gaming community since 2003 (MTA:VC 0.2), United Legion of Killers has moved on to VC:MP and is there to stay. A more detailed explanation of the clan's history and a timeline can be found here.

Clan Members
With almost 50 active members, we are no doubt the biggest clan in VC:MP at the moment. We are divided into 3 main legions: ULK, TLK (Training Legion of Killers), and TLKr (Training Legion of Killers Recruits). ULK consists of many old veterans who provide first-class leadership, helping ensure and maintain organization in the clan. ULK members are also responsible for training TLK and TLKr members, while it is the trainees' job to quickly adapt to the clan. An updated roster can be found here. Some of our past members can be found here.

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Contact Information
Come find us on IRC - #ULK (irc.liberty-unleashed.co.uk:6667).

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